Troubleshoot Netgear CAX80 Stopped Working Issue

Troubleshoot Netgear CAX80 Stopped Working Issue

Is your Netgear CAX80 stopped working suddenly? Did you nod yes? Well, this happens if you haven’t configured your Netgear CAX80 device properly. Worry not! With a few troubleshooting tips, resolving the issue would be a walk in the park for you. To grab the tips, you have to walk through this post once.

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Why Netgear CAX80 Stopped Working Suddenly?

Given below are the topmost reasons that may stop your Netgear router to not work as per expectations:

  • Improper Netgear router setup
  • Inadequate power supply
  • WiFi signal interference
  • Loose Ethernet connection
  • Technical glitches
  • Bad placement of Netgear router
  • Netgear CAX80 not placed within reach of modem

Fixed: Netgear CAX80 Stopped Working Issue

Fix 1: Check the Power Supply

Inadequate power supply to the router may let it not work properly. For fixing this, ensure to give your Netgear CAX80 device a proper power supply from a working wall socket. Apart from this, if you find ups and downs (fluctuation) in the power, just unplug the router and wait for the electricity to become stable.

Fix 2: Ethernet Connection

The second fix you can try to fix Netgear CAX80 stopped working issue is to check the Ethernet connection you have made between the Netgear device and your internet modem. The connection must be secure, finger-tight, and strong enough. And, the cable you have used must not be damaged.

Just in case, you find that the cable is damaged somehow, replace it right away,but do not think to connect your devices wirelessly. The reason is if you connect your Netgear CAX80 router and modem wirelessly, you will get WiFi signal interference. And, WiFi signal interference is one of the biggest reasons causing Netgear CAX80 stopped working issue.

Also, we suggest you keep your Netgear CAX80 router away from the area in your home where it easily catches the neighboring WiFi signals.

Also, do not place the router inside a cabinet, beneath a table, or the back of anything.

Want to know the best location to place your Netgear CAX80 router? Ask our experts now! They will surely help you.

Fix 3: Restart Netgear CAX80 Router

Well, as we have already mentioned this, technical glitches can also be one of the major reasons behind getting Netgear CAX80 stopped working issue. To fix it, we suggest you restart your Netgear CAX80 router. Walk through the guidelines provided below and know how to give your Netgear CAX80 router a fresh start:

  • Disconnect your internet modem and Netgear CAX80 router.
  • Once you are done, unplug the Netgear CAX80 device and wait for some time.
  • Thereafter, plug your Netgear CAX80 router back in.
  • Connect the router and internet modem.

Check if Netgear CAX80 stopped working issue is fixed by accessing routerlogin page.

Fix 4: Update Netgear CAX80 Firmware

An outdated firmware version on your Netgear CAX80 router will not allow it to work smoothly. So, without much delay, just update the firmware of your Netgear CAX80 router right away.

Important Points:

  • Do not interrupt the Netgear CAX80 firmware update process
  • Netgear CAX80 router will restart once the process gets completed
  • Follow the CAX80 firmware update instructions in the exact given order
  • Have an active internet connection during the firmware update process

The Last Words

Our post on how to troubleshoot Netgear CAX80 stopped working issue ends here. Do we hope that the issue is resolved? Please share your answer with us.