Nighthawk RS700 Tri-Band WiFi 7 Router [Now Introduced]

Netgear has always aimed to provide a seamless WiFi experience to its users. That is why they keep on launching new products every now and then. On 14th March, Netgear unveiled the most awaited networking device equipped with the WiFi 7 technology – Nighthawk RS700 tri-band WiFi router. The device is all set to make its entry in the second quarter of 2023 and is capable of delivering up to 19Gbps blazing-fast WiFi connection which is almost twice the speed offered by previous-generation WiFi technology.

Before we tell you what more does the Netgear RS700 wireless router house, let’s have a glance at an overview of WiFi 7 technology because this is what makes this router special.

Unlocking WiFi 7 with Nighthawk RS700

The WiFi 7 technology can be considered the successor of WiFi 6E. To be honest, WiFi 6E technology is capable of providing the user with a maximum speed of 9.6Gbps which is incredible undoubtedly. But, what we crave is more. With the aim of achieving more WiFi speeds, the WiFi 7 standard entered the networking realm to provide netizens with never-experienced internet speeds. Yes, the maximum achievable speed with the help of WiFi 7 technology is 46Gbps on one device and that makes the Netgear Nighthawk RS700 router the most awaited networking gadget.

Apart from this, the newest WiFi standard facilitates the user with increased channel width due to which he/she will be able to handle traffic congestion and interference easily. Furthermore, WiFi 7 offers faster, more reliable and myriad connections thereby helping to get low latency and reduced ping. Thus, there is no doubt that investing in this tri-band WiFi 7 router will be the epitome of unleashing the boundaries of the new networking world. Also, there will be a dramatic change in the gaming experience of users.

Sleek Design [Aesthetics Revamped]

Why not work on hardware when the device aims to set the networking world on fire with its amazing functionalities? Keeping that in mind, Netgear worked on the hardware of the Nighthawk RS700 WiFi 7 router and provided it with a slender chassis and high-performance antennas covering 360 areas.

The router supports WiFi access concurrently on 200 devices and it is possible only with the help of a 3D antenna design. And yes, it is capable of meeting the internet requirements of multi-story houses because of its radio frequency circuits that make it possible to push WiFi signals to the farthest corner up to 3500 sq. ft.

You can place it on a bookshelf or a tabletop due to its slim profile which in addition makes it completely unobserved. Now, let’s have a walk through the RS700 tri-band WiFi router’s technical specifications.

Netgear Nighthawk RS700 [Technical Specifications]

  • 320MHz channels and 4K QAM to provide up to 5Gbps on all devices at the same time.
  • Multi-Link operation facilitates to reduce latency and focus signals with maximum speed.
  • Increased capacity for data intense activities especially online gaming and video conferencing.
  • 10GbE Internet port for compatible cable and fiber plans which works with any ISP.
  • More wired ports than previously introduced routers.

Comprehensive Feature

  • Share your files from any devices accessing your router’s network using the ReadySHARE USB feature
  • VPN to protect your privacy and secure the network
  • Auto-firmware updates that will deliver the latest security patches at the earliest
  • Guest WiFi access for access
  • Stateful Packet Inspection firewall restricts unintended access from the internet
  • Use access control to block rogue devices
  • Smart Parental Controls to manage your child’s exposure to the internet world
  • Netgear Armor shields the entire home network and provides real-time protection

What’s More?

Introducing the WiFi 7 technology on Netgear Nighthawk RS700 tri-band router is just the beginning. This amazing WiFi router can also be networked with Nighthawk mesh and help you access the internet even through walls. Moreover, you can create 4 separate networks to maximize WiFi performance. Plus, you can generate a priority list for applications depending on their bandwidth requirements. Furthermore, Netgear is geared up to add more features to the device with other unique features in future software updates.

About Netgear Nighthawk RS700 WiFi 7 Router Setup

Being a manufacturer of award-winning networking devices, Netgear fabricated the Nighthawk RS700 tri-band wireless router with precision. The company aims to provide the best networking experience to its users and that is why it is planning to facilitate Netgear router setup via the mobile application.

Therefore, as soon as the Netgear Nighthawk RS700 tri-band WiFi router reaches the market, one will be able to set it up using the Nighthawk app. To know more about this amazing product bankrolled by Netgear, stay tuned!