Netgear Meural Canvas: A Smart Alexa-enabled Digital Frame

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Netgear has announced the international availability of its Meural canvas. With classic design, signature anti-glare matte display and spectacular library of more than 30,000 artworks, Netgear Meural digital canvas has been globally appreciated by both the tech community and the art world.

This smart digital frame gives you the ability to adorn your walls with electronic picture frames, which can swap out different kinds of digital art. What makes the Meural Canvas stand out is its patented TrueArt technology that is an amalgamation of hardware, software and firmware to deliver a realistic art-viewing experience. Users can control this digital photo frame by hand gestures, voice via Amazon Alexa, or the Meural mobile app.

Make sure to set up your Netgear router via routerlogin net properly so that your Meural gets an uninterrupted internet connection, giving an awesome visual treat to your eyes.

What Makes Netgear Meural Lovable Among Users?

The smart Meural digital frame comes with a lot of features, making it so lovable among users worldwide. Let’s have a look at its amazing features:

  1. It has an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts to match your room and even makes the Canvas to sleep when dark.
  2. Includes a dynamic library of 30,000+ artworks.
  3. You can use it to show your own photos, which can be loaded through USB or SD card from your mobile.
  4. Available in three colors and two frame styles, namely Winslow and Leonora.
  5. Features Swivel Mount that makes the Canvas automatically detect its orientation.
  6. You can even schedule when your Meural displays your art library favorites.
  7. Using Meural app, you can use easily upload, crop, or edit your Meural photos at any time.
  8. The Canvas incorporates Gesture Control feature. So you don’t need to touch the frame itself to change the photos. Instead, wave left, right, up, and down across the gesture sensor and view your favorite artwork.
  9. Personalize your Canvas through the settings such as image/playlist shuffle, customize light sensitivity, and much more.

How to Connect My Meural Canvas to WiFi?

In order to make the most out of the Canvas, you need to connect it to WiFi. And this can be done through the Meural mobile app. The app is available for both major platforms, i.e. Android and iOS.

Consider the following steps to connect your smart digital frame to WiFi:

  1. Download the Meural app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Turn on your digital frame.
  3. Wave down to access the Canvas menu.
  4. Select the Start local network option.
  5. Wave down to Canvas Info.
  6. Here, you will see an artist’s name. This is the name of your WiFi network.
  7. On your Meural app, enter your WiFi network name and password.

Wait for some time and let the Canvas and app connect to each other. As soon as you see ‘Connected’ word on both screens, you are all set to decorate your walls with this smart Alexa-enabled digital frame. To test whether your WiFi connection is working or not, try accessing Netgear router login page on your smartphone. In case it opens properly, it means your WiFi connection is functioning up to the mark. If you face any issues while connecting your Netgear Meural to WiFi, contact our experts at any time.