Netgear Firmware Update Stuck? Here’s the Fix!

Netgear Firmware Update Stuck? Here's the Fix!

If you want your Netgear WiFi router to perform seamlessly, keep its firmware updated to its latest version. What happened? Tried updating the firmware of your device but it got stuck? Well, that might be because of a number of reasons. But, regardless of what might be stopping you from successfully performing firmware update, the following tips will help you fix the Netgear firmware update stuck issue. So, keep reading.

Resolved: Netgear Firmware Update Stuck

Verify the Ethernet Connection
Before you get down to any other troubleshooting tip, check the Ethernet connection between your Netgear router and the existing modem. Chances are that the Ethernet cable connecting your WiFi devices is worn out or damaged from somewhere. If what we are assuming is true, then it is recommended that you replace your Ethernet cable with a new one.

Apart from this, make sure that the distance between your router and modem is proper. The reason being, if the distance between your devices is too much, then also you can experience firmware update stuck issue and various other issues like routerlogin net not working.

Keep WiFi Interference at Bay
Keep your Netgear wireless router away from electronic devices and transmitting appliances like cordless phones, baby monitors, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, treadmills, televisions, etc.

Once you’ve taken care of this thing, try to perform Netgear firmware update. Are you still struggling with the Netgear firmware update stuck issue? If the answer to the question is yes, then keep reading.

Download Compatible Firmware
The Netgear firmware update stuck issue can also occur if you have downloaded the wrong firmware version for the router model you own.

To troubleshoot the issue, it is recommended that you download the firmware version that is compatible with your Netgear wireless router.

You can get in touch with our technical experts if you come across any issues while downloading the firmware of your device.

Avoid Performing Background Activities
Another reason why you aren’t able to successfully perform Netgear firmware update is because you’re performing background activities on your device during the process.

Avoid pressing a tab, switching off your WiFi-enabled device, or playing games online while the firmware of your wireless router is in the process of getting updated. Give your home router enough time to get updated to the latest firmware version.

Once you are done following the aforementioned troubleshooting tips, try to update the firmware of your Netgear wireless router by following the steps given below.

How to Perform Netgear Router Firmware Update?

  • Before you start with the process of firmware update, ensure that your Netgear router is receiving enough power supply from the wall socket.
  • Once assured, open your laptop, and launch an internet browser.
  • In the address bar of the internet browser, type routerlogin, and press Enter.
  • If refuses to work for you, then consider using the default IP address to log in to your wireless device.
  • You will be taken to the Netgear WiFi router login page.
  • Refer to the user manual and fill the default username and password of your router into their respective fields.
  • Click Log In.
  • The Netgear Genie smart setup wizard will come into view.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu and click Administration.
  • Select Firmware Update and follow the on-screen instructions to finish performing Netgear firmware update – process.

If you follow these guidelines carefully, you’ll surely be able to update the firmware of your Netgear wireless router.

Wrapping Up

Our guide to troubleshoot the Netgear firmware update stuck issue ends here. We hope that the troubleshooting tips mentioned in this post helped you fix the issue you were facing. On the off chance, you’re still entangled in the same mess, don’t hesitate to reach out to our technicians at any hour of the day.