How to Secure Your Netgear WiFi Router?

Netgear Wifi Router

Internet has become a need of every person these days, but the advancement in technology could also open the door to risks from hackers and intruders. Whether you are using internet in home or office, default security settings (if not changed!) could be responsible for the breach of your data or leech of your WiFi. If your Netgear WiFi router network isn’t secured properly with a unique WiFi passphrase key, you could be allowing anyone to gain access over your Netgear router.

Basic Netgear WiFi Router Security Tips

Every Netgear router should have a strong password to keep the intruders at bay. Some new router models like Netgear R6230 come with default passphrase key, but you should change these during Netgear AC1200 setup.

Creating a new, strong, and unique password for your wireless router is as easy as counting 123. It simply takes a couple of minutes. Router setup instructions vary from router to router, but the basic idea is:

  • Every Netgear router has a numerical address. If you have lost the router setup instructions, you can find your router’s model number by searching on the web.
  • In Netgear wireless router security settings, create a router network SSID name, and a security passphrase key, and then choose the type of encryption, like WPA, WPA2.
  • Ensure you choose a complex and unique passphrase key that you can remember easily.
  • Don’t forget to save the Netgear router’s security updated information when prompted. Your Netgear router secures against cybercrime.

Different Types of Router Security Encryptions

Depending on your Netgear router model, you might have options for different types of encryption. With the enhancement in the security level like WPA2, WPA, and WEP, now, you don’t need to worry about Netgear router security issues.

How to Set Up Netgear WiFi Router Security

Every Netgear router comes with instructions that are easy to understand. Apps are taking place for the web-based router setup process. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before setting up the Netgear router.

  • Try to keep your Netgear router firmware up-to-date

Updating your Netgear router’s firmware is an important security measure to protect your router against the latest network threats. To update your router’s firmware version, you have to visit web page and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Disable WPS

WiFi protected setup was created to make the user experience easier and quicker while connecting the new devices to the network. It works on a simple idea that you need to just press a button present on your router.

  • Always prefer WPA2

WPA2 aka WiFi Protected Access 2 is commonly used network security technology used on wireless routers. Try to choose a complex, alphanumerical, and special character in a password. For example, Fee1!nG$

Change your Netgear router default login credentials

Every router comes with default login credentials created by the manufacturer. These passwords are often easy to trace on the web. Make sure you change the Netgear router login credentials during setup.

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