How to Reset WiFi Router – An Easy-to-Execute Manual

How to reset WiFi router – This is the question that almost 90% of users search for when their wireless routers start giving them trouble. The reason being, it is the ultimate solution to fix any problem related to networking routers and saves the users time which otherwise will get invested in implementing other troubleshooting techniques. Well, we’re not going to jot down those tactics as you don’t want to waste time reading them. This write-up focuses entirely on the process of resetting a WiFi router. For your reference, the instructions to reset a Netgear router have been penned down here. But, you can use them with respect to the router model you own. Keep reading.

Do You Actually Need to Reset WiFi Router?

Resetting a WiFi router is recommended when you find yourself nowhere in the process of resolving technical issues. The process of resetting forces your WiFi router to run on its default settings. This is to bring to your attention that the default settings are those on which your router was running during the first time installation. You might also want to reset your wireless router if you are not happy with the current settings and you aim to start fresh.

Now, without wasting time, let’s reveal for what you’ve come and provide you instructions on how to reset WiFi router. However, before that, we would like to inform you that you can reset the router by two approaches. Firstly, by accessing its web management console i.e. Netgear router setup wizard in the case of a Netgear router, and second, by pushing the Reset button located on the router unit.

This is why the first method got the name “Soft Reset” and the second one came to be known as “Hard Reset”. One can implement the first method if he/she can log in to the router. However, the second method can be implemented in any case as it does not involve the assessment of the router’s dashboard and the next section is all about that. Don’t feel hesitated to take online support from our experts if you feel like resetting the router is a great deal and you cannot do it on your own. They will help you with their whole heart.

How to Reset WiFi Router | Netgear

Since we mentioned at the beginning of the post that we will provide you the instructions to reset a Netgear router, here they are. In case you’re looking for information about how to reset WiFi router Xfinity, these instructions are equally applicable. Just replace Netgear with Xfinity.

  1. Do not forget the essentials and ensure that the WiFi router is receiving an adequate power supply.
  2. After that, remove every cable [excluding the AC cable] from the Netgear router.
  3. Locate the Reset button.
  4. FYI, the location of the Reset button varies from model to model.
  5. Once found, press it and let the magic unfold!

Within a few moments, you will notice that whatever issue you were trying to resolve has been fixed and the WiFi router is running on the settings mentioned in the user manual. If yes, then give a pat on your back. Learning the process to reset a WiFi router has borne a positive outcome here. You may count it as a bonus, but if you own a Spectrum router and want to learn how to reset WiFi router Spectrum, read the aforementioned instructions and give them a shot.

What to Do After Resetting a Router?

Once you’re done resetting your WiFi device, you have to reconfigure it. Do you remember what we said earlier that this act will return your router to the default factory settings? If yes, then either access or use the Nighthawk mobile application to install your Netgear router. However, you must refer to the user manual to know the web or IP address of your WiFi device if it is not brought in by Netgear since the URL works for Netgear routers. During the configuration, assign a new admin password, network key, and SSID to your wireless router. Not only this but also create a shield on your home network with the help of the latest version of the router’s firmware.

With that, we’re wrapping up the post revealing the instructions to reset a WiFi router. You are free to take the assistance of the steps mentioned here if you wish to learn how to reset WiFi router password since it is possible only via the factory default reset process.