How to Power Cycle Your Netgear Router?

How to Power Cycle Your Netgear Router?

If your internet is not working as expected, web pages are crawling, or your smart speakers suddenly stop playing songs, then you need to power cycle your Netgear WiFi router. Whatever the case is, power cycling your WiFi router gives it time to cool down and clear its memory. At times, particularly with older hardware, having the Netgear wireless router on and working in overdrive for too long is sufficient to demand a power cycle. This post will walk you through the process of how to power cycle your Netgear router. Let’s dig a little deeper.

When to Power Cycle Your Netgear Router?

Power cycling, rebooting, or restarting is one of the easiest troubleshooting steps to fix WiFi connection issues with your router. Rebooting also fixes issues with network hardware. Whether your laptop and smartphone both lose internet connection or your NAS is no longer displaying on your desktop, just restart your WiFi router. Most of the time, restarting the network hardware rectifies internet and network problems.

The Netgear wireless router should be rebooted in the correct order to fix an issue with your router. On the off chance if the router is not restarted properly, you may lose internet connectivity completely.

Power cycling your WiFi router helps you get rid of the following issues:

  • Can’t complete your Netgear router setup
  • Unable to get internet access on a networking device
  • The internet LED on your Netgear router is amber
  • Facing issues while getting an internet connection on your wireless router

A Standard Guide to Power Cycle Your Netgear Router

Follow the below-given step-by-step guide to reboot your Netgear router in a proper manner:

Step-1: Shut down or turn off all of the devices that are currently connected to your Netgear WiFi router.

Step-2: Unplug your Netgear WiFi router and modem from their respective wall outlets. In the event that you own other managed network hardware like network switches, unplug that hardware too. Some modems include a backup battery. In case your modem has one, remove the backup battery to completely shut it down.

Quick Tip: Do not use a button on your router namely Restart or Reset as it may likely start the factory reset process. Although a clearly visible Power button is good to use, unplugging clears any doubt.

Step-3: Wait for some time and let your devices cool down.

Step-4: Plug your modem into a power outlet and turn it on. Allow the modem to boot up properly. This process might take some time depending on your DSL or cable modem.

Step-5: As soon as your cable or DSL modem creates a connection with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), plug your Netgear router into a wall socket. Now, turn it on.

Step-6: In case you have turned off the network switches or other network hardware, turn them back on again.

Now, connect all your WiFi-enabled devices to your Netgear router. Thus, you can power cycle your Netgear router. In case of any difficulty, reach out to our highly-experienced technicians.

Reboot Your Netgear Router Using the Web Interface

You can restart your Netgear WiFi router via the web user interface. Here are the required steps:

  • Launch your favorite web browser on a PC or laptop.
  • Visit the web interface.
  • Fill in the admin user ID and passphrase into the given fields.
  • Once logged in, the Netgear genie page shows up.
  • Under the Router Information section, click on the Reboot option.

Wait until your Netgear WiFi router reboots. That’s how you can restart or reboot your Netgear WiFi router via the web interface. Stuck at any step? Contact our experts right away!

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