How to Change Netgear WiFi Password to Secure Network?

How to Change Netgear WiFi Password to Secure Network?

The security of your home WiFi network should be optimum. Otherwise, anyone can easily access your WiFi network. Even hackers can break into your WiFi network space and steal your information. We know that sounds scary. So, if you have installed a Netgear router, you should change its WiFi password. Have no idea? Don’t worry! We will help you change Netgear WiFi password instantly.

If you can’t change Netgear WiFi password, you can move through the troubleshooting tips mentioned below. So, we will tend to your needs and help you remove everything hampering the process. Keep reading.

Steps to Change Netgear WiFi Password

Launch Web Browser

After initial preparation, launch an internet browser. But, the problem is that many users choose an outdated web browser. It does not support Netgear router default URL. So, you might face plenty of challenges while accessing the router login page.

Thus, you must choose an up-to-date internet browser. Also, make sure the chosen browser has no compatibility issues. See if you can access the Netgear router setup wizard to change Netgear WiFi password.

Enter URL

After the selection of the web browser, it is time to enter the default URL. It is a site of errors because of the typing errors. Thus, many users can’t even access the default URL because of such mistakes. Moreover, the choice of the wrong place for URL insertion on the web can be a problem.

So, you should first eliminate errors. Secondly, enter the URL in the address bar. Avoid using the search bar of your internet browser. Hit Enter.

Do Login

Let’s log in to your Netgear router. Keep your login credentials at your disposal. To remove any chance of error, we recommend that you disable the Caps Lock key on your keyboard. Carefully enter the username and admin password in the spaces given on the BASIC home screen.

Make sure the details are correct. Otherwise, you can’t do router login. After router login, you get access to the router dashboard.

Access Wireless Settings

From the router setup wizard, choose the Wireless tab located on the left side of the screen. That is where router information will be at your disposal. You can change SSID visibility as well as security modes. Move to the end of the page.

That is where you will have access to the password (Network key) of the Netgear router. It will help you change Netgear WiFi password.

Open Password (Network Key)

Enter a new password by clicking on this option. You must use a password that is 8 to 63 characters long. Moreover, you even have the choice to use a password having 64 hex characters. We suggest that you blend special characters with numbers and alphabets to create a new password.

To save changes, hit the Save option. It is going to finalize the changes that you made.

Can’t Change Netgear WiFi Password?

Sometimes, the process is not that simple for some users. They face many problems when they try to change Netgear WiFi password. Let’s know what could be the reason behind the issue and how to resolve it.

Poor Internet Connection

One of the biggest barriers why you can’t change Netgear WiFi password is a poor internet connection. It could be from the backend. Or, your home WiFi network might be the reason. In some cases, if too many devices are accessing your connection, it can hamper your access to the login page.

For easier access, you should verify the connection between your devices. Always sustain a strong and stable internet connection.

Incorrect Login Details

Maybe, you are not typing in the correct login details. Enter the right user ID and passphrase to access the Netgear router setup wizard. If you have forgotten the router admin credentials, you can go ahead with the router reset process.

After resetting the Netgear router, you can use the default router login credentials.

Wrap Up

As you can witness, implementing the tips given above can help you change Netgear WiFi password. Doing so will remove devices having access to your home WiFi network. Hence, you have to get access to the network using the new password. If something bothers you, get in touch with our technical experts to resolve the matter at hand. With that, you can easily ensure no one gets access to your network without your permission.