Complete Guide to Update Netgear Router Firmware

Complete Guide to Update Netgear Router Firmware.

‘Netgear’ releases new firmware updates daily in order to improve the productivity and performance of the device, add latest and advance features, and perk up the internet security.

If you visit Netgear router login page via, you will see at the very top of the dashboard ‘new firmware is available’ message. You have to click on that message to check whether new firmware is available for your device or not. If the new firmware for your Netgear wireless router is available, follow the steps given below and update your device.

Check for the latest firmware update on your Netgear router:

  • Pull up a web browser from a laptop or computer. Make sure to connect your PC or laptop to your Netgear wireless router’s WiFi network.

Note: We advise that you connect your device to the Netgear device using an Ethernet cable to update the latest firmware of technology.

  • Now, into the address bar type Netgear router default IP address i.e. or In case the IP address doesn’t work, then you can also use the above-mentioned URL for the Netgear router default login.

If not working, then contact us and get rid of all your problems instantly.

  • Now, hit Enter on your keyboard.
  • When the routerlogin net window displays, type in your default admin details (username and password).

Routerlogin net slow

If you forgot your admin details, then follow the steps below to recover your username and password.

  • Connect your computer or a laptop to your Netgear router’s WiFi network.
  • Load up a web browser and in its address bar field, enter

Note: If routerlogin net slow, then exit from the current web browser – clear all the junk files, browsing history, cache, cookies, and malware from it – restart your device and opt for another web browser.

  • When routerlogin net window displays, click on the ‘Cancel’ option.
  • After that, you have to type in the serial number of your Netgear wireless router.
  • Now, what you are going to do is to click on the ‘Continue’ option- answer a couple of security questions – click on ‘Continue’ and that’s it, your password (security key) is recovered successfully.

For any help, you are more than welcome to contact our technical department at any time.

  • Once your Netgear WiFi router’s password is discovered successfully, you can come back to the process to update your device. Once you are onto the Netgear router setup and login page, you have to select the ‘Advanced’ option.
  • After that, select the available option to update the firmware on your Netgear wireless router.
  • Click on ‘Check’ option. Your Netgear device will search for the new firmware automatically.
  • If there is an update available, click on ‘Yes’.

Congrats! The latest firmware has successfully been updated on your device. You can now visit router login net netgear for Netgear router installation process.

Important Note: If you want to avoid the risk of corrupting your Netgear router’s firmware, remain calm, have patience and do not interrupt the update process in between.

Once the firmware on your device is updated successfully, your router will restart automatically. The firmware update process will take about 5-10 minutes.

For any type of technical assistance, interact with our customer care desk immediately.